Tidy Kiwi Run Wrap-up

Tidy Kiwi Run

The Tidy Kiwi Run has come to and end. Hope you’ve recovered well from the run.

The event took place successfully! But the results were less than desired. Participation was lower than I was aiming for, a lot lower. Still… money was earnt for Keep NZ Beautiful. The donations earnt from entries will soon be passed on to Keep NZ Beautiful – a charitable trust dedicated to keeping New Zealand communities clean, safe and beautiful.

The Tidy Kiwi Runw as a New Zealand based virtual run in which participants completed a series of physical challenges – on their own time, from wherever they were.

Some of the participants shared their experiences using the event hashtag #tidykiwirun:


Julia during her run


Some of the trash Kevin found


Event organiser doing the pullup challenge

Sponsored by Movement Unleashed, it was great to see this virtual run take place which pushed fitness in a functional manner. This event embodied that. A person should be able to not just run, not just lift, or not just throw…. but be able to combine multiple movements, as this leads to greater health and longevity. The challenges in the Tidy Kiwi Run covered functional movement groups of locomotion (running, crawling, sprinting), climbing (pullups), and jumping (burpees). Most of all, the movement groups should be connected together and not isolated in separate sessions.

Keep an eye out for our future fitness events.

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