Strong body
Strong mind
Strong spirit



What is Movement Unleashed?

Movement Unleashed is a functional fitness provider, based in Wellington New Zealand, for methods which promote fitness, health, and wellbeing.

We offer group fitness classes, personal training, and online material – with the mission to build ‘Yamakasi’, a word taken from the Lingala language meaning “strong body, strong mind, strong spirit.”

Be a human. Get out there and challenge yourself to move.



After discovering the benefits of exercising in a functional manner, Rowan and Max decided at the start of 2013 to turn their passion into something more. Taking their experience of developing the parkour community in Wellington and helping to form the New Zealand Parkour Association, they established Movement Unleashed with a mission to build ‘yamakasi’.

‘Yamakasi’ is a word taken from the Lingala language meaning “strong body, strong mind, strong spirit.” The word was used during the founding of parkour by its original practitioners to refer to their close training group. Their philosophy was that the physical challenges faced and overcome by training parkour develops someone not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. While parkour has since taken on a life of its own separate from its original practitioner’s influence and philosophy, Movement Unleashed believes the concept can be applied to fitness in general – that building a strong person (physically, mentally and spiritually, as well as emotionally and socially) can be achieved through fitness training done right. This strength will carry over to other areas of life, resulting in a generally happier, healthier and stronger person in all areas – not just in fitness.


Core values

Movement Unleashed is based on the following values:

  • That anything, any problem or any obstacle, can be overcome with determination, patience and practice
  • That limits, norms and comfort-zones should be challenged
  • That movement is fun
  • That we will be approachable, friendly, and relaxed
  • That we will create an atmosphere in which people can become awesome